A Beautiful Coincidence

I met this beautiful girl in the mountains, in the middle of a valley, out of nowhere. She was one of a small group of children who came to us, when we got off from our van at the riverside. Most of them were selling eggs. But my eyes instantly caught this girl dressed in red. I kept looking at her, and she looked back at me and we kept smiling each other.

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4 Ways to Consciously Deal with Fear of Death

The recent incident in Canada has been really heart breaking and it has brought forth the fear of ‘sudden death’ for many, including myself. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to share how in my journey through depression, even though I was struggling with many different challenges, one of the greatest challenges was the “fear of death”. I battled with countless sleepless nights, because the moment I closed my eyes, the walls of my grave would appear around me and start caving in and that very minute, I would go into panic. Once stuck in this vortex, I would find it very hard to make my way up again. And each time I would fall deeper.

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5 Ways to Mindfully Deal with the Emergency in Palestine

by Tehmina Mansoor, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach & Energy Healer Many of us have been feeling heartbroken and helpless about the situation in Palestine and the news keeps weighing heavier on us with each passing day. In such troubling times what should our response be? This is not a very easy question to answer. Our

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Chakra and Aura Healing

Even though this past year has been a whirlwind, I’m extremely grateful to have been able to complete two of my certifications: Chakra and Aura Healing and Reiki Level One. When the idea of Be-khudi was first conceived I never saw myself learning much beyond mindfulness and meditation. But life works in mysterious ways and

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Be-khudi Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

I am thrilled to officially introduce Be-khudi Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching – something I have already been doing this year since COVID-19 and after receiving such an overwhelming response and so much encouragement from Be-khudi meditators, I have decided to dive deep into this and make it open for everyone. I wanted to take this

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