Meditation for Children: To Self-Awareness and Healing

by Tehmina Mansoor, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach & Energy Healer

It was about a year ago, when one night a heart wrenching news was all over social media.  An act of violence in my country that left not only me but thousands of others, in utter shock and pain. At that time, I knew that a single act of violence not only affects the victim and it’s family, but it puts the entire planet into turmoil. It ends up hurting every single soul because we often tend to feel as though we are separate living beings, but in actuality, we are all unified in this web of life – knitted together in this very existence. And since our witnessing of hate and violence hurts the entire collective, it pushes us to want to do something about it. To be of help and of service in one way or another but the question is, where should one begin?

When I heard this news, I remember talking to my husband and saying, “I want to make every child in Pakistan meditate”. Meditation seemed like the only obvious answer in that moment. And over the years through my practice and experience in teaching children and working with adults, I have had the privilege of witnessing some phenomenal life changing transformations in people and these experiences have reaffirmed my belief over and over again – in the power that lies in working with our inner selves. Deep down in my heart, I know that this practice can be an answer to all the hurt and violence we see around us.  Time and again, I have reflected upon Dalai Lamas words and have always believed to be true that:   

If every 8-year-old is taught meditation,

we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

And today, I feel so grateful that what was once only a dream is finally coming to fruition, Alhamdulillah. For the past eight months, we have been laying the foundations for our Rah-e- Aman Program and I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to develop a Mindfulness and Meditation course for children. This is only the first step, with the hope for many more to come. I pray that through these practices of meditation our children can also realize the power that lies within them, learning how to process what hurts – ultimately giving them the ability to create space for tolerance, patience, resilience and above all unconditional love.

To self-awareness, to healing and to love for our next generation and for many more to come!

With all my heart,


About the Author

Tehmina Mansoor is a Meditation and Mindfulness Coach and an Energy Healer, Founder of Be-khudi where she writes, produces and instructs meditations and other mindful content. She does Mindfulness and Meditations coaching and also offers Energy Healing Sessions. For more on this, check Dar-e-Bekhudi Page.

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This is neat - alumni from AKU-ISMC have set up an Urdu-English meditation platform to help people cope with the crisis of uncertainty and lockdown. We make a big deal about training future leaders in AKU-ISMC and sometimes that means people who have obvious positions of authority, like politicians, diplomats, scholars or entrepreneurs, but sometimes it means taking a lead in more personal capacities to try and make things better for others.

I'm truly impressed and humbled by Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby. They are definitely demonstrating the kind of leadership that makes me proud to be part of AKU.

Dr. Stephen Lyon

Professor of Anthropology and Head of Educational Programmes at the ISMC, Aga Khan University,

London, United Kingdom