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We believe that as humans we possess an inconceivable power within us that can be found once we begin to seek it. It is this state of being where we transcend the limitations of our mind, and discover the depths of our soul, giving us the power to find great joy and inner peace from within, ultimately showing us our unique pathway to life.

Tehmina Mansoor


Tehmina Mansoor is the Founder of Be-khudi, where she writes, produces and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness programs. She is also a Reiki Master and a Chakra and Aura Healer.

Ever since I was a child, I faced several health-related issues which took me to dreaming of becoming a doctor. Life, however, had other plans for me. I landed at a Business School, graduating with a B.A in Business Administration. Soon after, I began working at an NGO, The Citizens Foundation (TCF), where I worked on education for the underprivileged children in Pakistan and simultaneously co-founded a Youth Movement “Uraan” (flight) with a focus on Street Children. I later went on to pursue my post-graduate studies from the Aga Khan University (ISMC), UK with a major in Anthropology and Development Studies. After my return to Pakistan, I worked in several organizations in the development sector, such as USAID, DFID and Engro.
However, over the years, I stopped finding meaning in what I was doing, and everything started to fall apart. I went through a difficult journey, where I battled with depression and strived to understand the significance of my existence. This struggle ultimately brought me to find my home in mental and spiritual well-being. I started practicing Meditation and Mindfulness and whilst training for it, I had the privilege to design and teach curricula on ‘Mindfulness for Young Teens’ and ‘Comparative Spirituality’ at a local IB school. I later went on to offering individualized training in Meditation and Mindfulness and continue to do so. It was not long before I also developed a keen interest in Reiki and Chakra Healing, and today I find deep joy in helping others heal.
Learning about self-development, therapeutic practices and holistic healing is where my heart lies and seeing its transformative effects in my own life, I hope to help others find the same. Through my journey, I have come to believe that with a regular meditation practice, we have the ability to transcend the mind, dive within and lovingly embrace our ‘self-less’ being: one that is essentially us but also much larger than us, a space that sets us free from bondage to this world, a space where we are reborn, loved and enfolded in the arms of unimaginable bliss. This ‘self-less’ state for me is Be-khudi.

And you, When will you begin

That long journey Into yourself?

– Maulana Rumi

Zohaib Zuby


Zohaib Zuby is the Founder of Be-khudi, where he writes, translates, and directs art production of meditations and mindfulness content. He is an Assistant Professor at The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and a practicing Architect.

I have always had varied interests and time has made me an interdisciplinary professional – with a practice in teaching Philosophy as Therapy, Philosophy for Children and Islamic Reformism; and a practice in architectural design with a keen interest in working on Affordable Housing and Sacred places.
During my post-graduate study, I was deeply inspired by Wittgenstein and it was at this time that I realized that fostering an appetite for philosophical inquiry, a reflective character and devotion to consciously living by a resolute moral code are ennobling ways to live.
Not that it’s easy to live like this! But in my own journey, since my return to Karachi, I have come to believe that the human being is a seed of unimaginable power. We possess the universe inside us – that reveals its splendour once we find the courage to face our fears and the resolution to conquer our own selves. For me, Be-khudi is a vehicle to express our devotion towards an ideal – one that we believe in, one that we collectively and consciously want to find. And this state of being – is Be-khudi.

Not how the world is, but that it is, is a mystery.

 Ludwig Wittgenstein

Rah-E Aman

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This is neat - alumni from AKU-ISMC have set up an Urdu-English meditation platform to help people cope with the crisis of uncertainty and lockdown. We make a big deal about training future leaders in AKU-ISMC and sometimes that means people who have obvious positions of authority, like politicians, diplomats, scholars or entrepreneurs, but sometimes it means taking a lead in more personal capacities to try and make things better for others.

I'm truly impressed and humbled by Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby. They are definitely demonstrating the kind of leadership that makes me proud to be part of AKU.

Dr. Stephen Lyon

Professor of Anthropology and Head of Educational Programmes at the ISMC, Aga Khan University,

London, United Kingdom