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The practice of mindfulness, meditation, and conscious living changes lives with unbelievable benefits. But most of these resources continue to be in languages other than Urdu, making this knowledge inaccessible to the one billion Urdu speaking individuals around the world. When we started our work, we invested our time and energy in producing this needed knowledge and tools with complete dedication and faith. We feel humbled and grateful to have received support for our cause.
The two main areas of work where we continue to require support is the Rah-e-Aman Program, where we are striving hard to teach the children of Pakistan how to live mindfully and meditate; and the Guided Meditation programs which are available on Youtube – a free resource for everyone to use.
Support us in our life’s work of raising the consciousness of people around us. Please know that whatever you offer will be received with abundant gratitude.
With love,
Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby

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This is neat - alumni from AKU-ISMC have set up an Urdu-English meditation platform to help people cope with the crisis of uncertainty and lockdown. We make a big deal about training future leaders in AKU-ISMC and sometimes that means people who have obvious positions of authority, like politicians, diplomats, scholars or entrepreneurs, but sometimes it means taking a lead in more personal capacities to try and make things better for others.

I'm truly impressed and humbled by Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby. They are definitely demonstrating the kind of leadership that makes me proud to be part of AKU.

Dr. Stephen Lyon

Professor of Anthropology and Head of Educational Programmes at the ISMC, Aga Khan University,

London, United Kingdom