Meditation. Mindfulness. Healing

Your Perfect Spiritual Getaway

Join our Be-khudi Meditation Circle

Meditation. Mindfulness. Healing.

Your Perfect Spiritual Getaway

Join our Be-khudi Meditation Circles

Be-khudi is a space where you can reinforce a positive mindset, believe in your ability to self-heal, and find inner peace. We provide guided meditations and inspirational content for healthy, mindful, and conscious living.


We take inspiration from South Asian traditions of spiritual and secular knowledge along with contemporary discourses centered around mindfulness and conscious living.


As a therapeutic practice, “Be-khudi” symbolizes the art of losing oneself; only to be found while on the path of inner reflection and love.


We are the first platform to create bilingual guided meditation programs, in both Urdu and English, which we commit to keep as a free resource.


We are passionate about creating an outlook for positive learning,
to play our part in building a happier and more peaceful world around us.

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If you need to step away from the daily noise, and find a quiet peaceful moment to connect with your inner self, then join our weekly meditation circles. In this soulful class you will be lead through a guided meditation and some breathwork practices that will bring your mind, body and soul into a calm state. You will be laying down for most of the duration of this class. Comfortable clothes are recommended. Let these circles take you on a meditative journey to help you feel recharged and heal from inside out!


Rah-e-Aman Program is an evidence-based iterative educational program, where we have developed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MSBR) for students of grade eight, nine and ten, by carefully responding to our cultural context and translating it into our own language, Urdu. This is the first time a program like this has been developed in Pakistan especially for children from low to middle income households.


Welcome to our Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to be exclusively on a one-on-one basis with personalized attention for a richer learning experience.
They will provide you with everything you need to know to practice mindfulness and apply it in your daily life, in order to enjoy its benefits.


Download our Audio Meditation programs. Easily accessible on your devices, at all times and places, making the transformational power of meditations even easier.




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Be-khudi was founded in July 2019. It was born out of an experience and realization that taking responsibility of our mental, emotional and spiritual health is fundamental to living a fulfilling and abundant life.
After seeing the transformative effects of Meditation and Mindfulness and finding its practices and ideas resonate with age-old wisdom from our own culture was truly inspiring. Thus, began this journey of artistic reinvention, reading, re-reading, and translating to produce ‘guided meditation programs’ especially in our local language Urdu to share and spread this wisdom.
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This is neat - alumni from AKU-ISMC have set up an Urdu-English meditation platform to help people cope with the crisis of uncertainty and lockdown. We make a big deal about training future leaders in AKU-ISMC and sometimes that means people who have obvious positions of authority, like politicians, diplomats, scholars or entrepreneurs, but sometimes it means taking a lead in more personal capacities to try and make things better for others.

I'm truly impressed and humbled by Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby. They are definitely demonstrating the kind of leadership that makes me proud to be part of AKU.

Dr. Stephen Lyon

Professor of Anthropology and Head of Educational Programmes at the ISMC, Aga Khan University,

London, United Kingdom

Bravo for doing this! The fact that most people shy away from even talking about psychological issues and consider it taboo is sad. Too many of us deal with this and I feel this initiative provides a platform to discuss and manage such issues. The content helps one realize that they're not the only one dealing with stuff and there is a way to feel better!

Dr. Mona Khan

Prosthodontist MMSc, Harvard

Boston, United States

This is a very productive forum for understanding and practicing mindfulness Meditation is the easiest way we can practice to get rid of all those sticky and unwanted thoughts which lower our abilities to perform our best. Be-khudi understands this and is proactive in helping people live a more productive and meaningful life only by changing the way we think and changing the way we breathe. I find all the sessions on this forum very efficacious and result oriented

Dr. Mana Shahzad

Diet and Nutrition Coach

Karachi, Pakistan

The pacing of narration and music have been composed to perfection. Its amazing to see that attention to detail. Definitely translates into a truly calming meditation experience! Better than anything I have heard on any other forum, including Calm and Headspace! So proud to see the maturity of this homegrown initiative in Pakistan!

Ali Inam

Investment Manager, Bridges FUnd Management

Oxford, United Kingdom

Hi team Bekhudi your mediation videos are so peaceful, I absolutely LOVE them. What makes them more amazing is the fact that you have taken the extra effort to actually make them accessible to the general public by translating it in Urdu. I have shared your videos a lot to be honest. Basically, as part of the company’s COVID response, I was running whastapp based support groups for health workers who are not that comfortable with English. It was really difficult to search for accessible resources for them to provide psycho- social support. I searched so many pages but hardly found resources in Urdu. That’s when I got an opportunity to really share your content and they loved it!

Areeba Shahab

Research Associate, IRD

Karachi, Pakistan

For a while, I really wanted to appreciate and thank you guys for the be-khudi videos on Youtube. I find them extremely calming and relaxing. It’s just wonderful the work that is being produced. Thank you so much!

Hammad Jamil

Architect at Open Door Design Studio

Karachi, Pakistan

Hi Tehmina! Just wanted to tell you that my mom absolutely loves your mindfulness videos and especially your delivery. She is one who has never really been accepting of any meditation practice and finds them extremely hard to follow but yours is a super duper hit! So proud of your work!

Wajiha Ather Naqvi

Artist, Research & Creative Strategy, Coke Studio

Karachi, Pakistan

I have shared your meditation links with so many of my clients and it's such a big help since it's hard to do meditation online. I usually do it in my clinic setting but your meditation resources have been godsend literally. They're very nicely expressed and simple to follow. Especially, works great for my older clients who mostly converse in Urdu so thank you. It's very empowering and I love the fact that it's locally produced with such amazing quality.

Tabassum Faruqi

Psychologist, MSc

Oregon, United States

Be-khudi has been an eye-opener for me. It has allowed me to be more aware of my emotions and surroundings and therefore I’ve been able to stay more calm in stressful situations. Although I have always heard about the benefits of mindfulness and have practiced mindfulness previously, Be-khudi has provided me with the resources and skills to practice mindfulness regularly and apply it. I’d recommend Be-khudi to anyone who wants to learn more about mindfulness as it is where you can be at peace and ease with your life.

Fatima Yaqub

Special Education Needs Teacher (SEN)

Dubai, U.A.E