Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

“If we can teach each 8-year-old to meditate we can eliminate violence from the world within one generation”

- Dalai Lama

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Our Vision

Indeed, there is nothing more significant at this time than to foster the skills of conscious living within children. If we can teach them the art of meditation, share the scientific and spiritual benefits of living mindfully and help them elevate their consciousness, it will become a very powerful catalyst for positive changes in every aspect of their lives.

What is Rah-e-Aman?

Rah-e-Aman Program is an evidence-based iterative educational program, where we have developed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MSBR) for students of grade eight, nine and ten, by carefully responding to our cultural context and translating it into our own language, Urdu. This is the first time a program like this has been developed in Pakistan especially for children from low to middle income households.
The pilot program was successfully completed at the Sabira Sirajia Schools in Faisalabad, which is a service led institution working on imparting education to the underprivileged children for the past 70 years. This was delivered through a step-by-step process of teacher training for the school, development of a detailed course pack with readings and journaling materials, a library of specially created videos for the lessons, and on-ground facilitation.
We are committed to using rigorous evidence to inform program adaptations to enable continuous learning. To this end, we are very happy to be collaborating with two independent researchers, Dr. Zahra Mansoor, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford and Ms. Jennifer Opare-Kumi, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford, who have won a prestigious research grant for this project. We will work together to ensure that the evidence and lessons from the pilot can be used to adapt and refine the program for scale. They are currently in the process of publishing their findings on the Rah-e-Aman pilot program.


After undergoing the 8-week Meditation and Mindfulness Training, hear what the teachers from the Sabria Sirajia Schools in Faisalabad have to say about their experience.
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Our Team

Zohaib Zuby

Architect, Assiatant Professor, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

Tehmina Mansoor

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master & Energy Healer Be-khudi

Dr. Zahra Mansoor

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Oxford

Jennifer Opare-Kumi

DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

Partner with Us

We are collaborating with local and international organizations, with the aim of taking this program to all the schools-going children of our country. Work with us on this noble cause.

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