For the past few months we have all been through a lot of unimaginable changes in our lives; from not being able to freely step outside of our houses, to working and studying from home, to not being able to meet our loved ones, to not having the chance to do so many other things that were so easily available to us before. It makes one wonder how many things we took for granted in our lives. ⠀⠀
And even though this has been a challenging time for most of us, this change has also given some of us the time to do things differently: to experiment, to reflect, to grow and evolve – making this change a precious moment in our lives. In the words of a famous Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist, Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible’.⠀⠀
And while we may be still trying to accept the change we are all experiencing in these moments, we cannot deny the fact that it comes to us with uncertainty, and with this emotion, we invite all kinds of feelings of fear, anxiousness, stress, and powerlessness. ⠀⠀
And as the world goes through this evolutionary phase; we want to help. For the month of July we, at be-khudi, are launching a ‘Mindful Conversations’ Series. Through this initiative, we invite you to contact us for a conversation to talk about what you are experiencing. For some of us, this change has been a very difficult time, accompanied by some real challenges. However, especially in times like let\’s remind ourselves that the ability to overcome our struggles lies deep within us – one of the pivotal teachings of Mindfulness.⠀

Therefore please contact us on the attached Whatsapp number or email to register for a Mindful Conversation with us in which you can speak your heart out, feel connected, and ease your worries. ⠀⠀
May peace be yours ✨.
Founders be-khudi,⠀⠀
Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby

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This is neat - alumni from AKU-ISMC have set up an Urdu-English meditation platform to help people cope with the crisis of uncertainty and lockdown. We make a big deal about training future leaders in AKU-ISMC and sometimes that means people who have obvious positions of authority, like politicians, diplomats, scholars or entrepreneurs, but sometimes it means taking a lead in more personal capacities to try and make things better for others.

I'm truly impressed and humbled by Tehmina Mansoor and Zohaib Zuby. They are definitely demonstrating the kind of leadership that makes me proud to be part of AKU.

Dr. Stephen Lyon

Professor of Anthropology and Head of Educational Programmes at the ISMC, Aga Khan University,

London, United Kingdom